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Truths to Remember When Your Girlfriend is Asian

When your girlfriend is Asian, there are a few inevitable truths you experience almost everyday. It’s important that you, the suitor or the boyfriend, need to be reminded of these truths because they’re going to stay in your life for as long as you are together.

What To Expect From Your Asian Girlfriend

1. The DISLIKE Factor with Her Father

When you met your Asian girlfriend’s father, did you note a hint of dislike in his facial expression? If yes, then that’s normal. It’s also possible that he still may not like you to this day. Don’t worry. It will pass. This is just how Asian fathers are: they are over protective and they want the best for their princess. The mothers are easy to win over but you have to show that your intentions are good, that you can protect their daughter and you can provide for her in order for the dad to like you.

2. Family Ties

When your girlfriend is Asian, you cannot change the fact that she’s close with most of her family members. They have monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual gatherings that you, as the suitor or boyfriend, need to be present in. Most Asian families have this set up and, so, it’s counter productive for you tell your Asian girlfriend that you don’t feel like coming to a family gathering. Those are minus points for you.

3. Black Hair Everywhere

Majority of Asians have long black hairs (unless they dye it a different color). What this means for you is, if you’re living together, you’re going to find a lot of black hair strands everywhere. In your bed, the shower, the couch, everywhere! Deal with it!

4. No Shoes Inside the House

You know that your girlfriend is definitely Asian when she makes you take off your shoes before you go inside the house. It’s something that she got from her culture so better get used to doing this. The upside is, your floor is going to be cleaner.

5. Get Her Last Name Right

Your Asian girlfriend will expect you to pronounce er last name correctly. People around you will most likely have a hard time pronouncing it so you better get it right or else.

6. Always EAT What She Cooks and What Her Parents Serve

This is, perhaps, one of the most important things that you need to be reminded with. For Asians, one sign of respect that you can do is by eating plenty of whatever it is that’s served to you. No matter whose cooking it is, the one who cooked it will feel joyful and accomplished when they see you enjoying what they cooked.

7. Drama-Rama

Asian girlfriends tend to be over dramatic, sometimes. When you get in a fight and she gets this way, don’t buy into it. Try your best t calm her down and then gently explain the situation in a very objective manner. The over-dramatizing could be because of all the Asian soap operas she’s watched.

8. Reaching for the check

In the early parts of your relationship with your Asian girlfriend, you’re going to have to reach for the check first because this is a gentleman’s way of showing their manners. Don’t worry though, because as the relationship progresses she’ll either reach for the check first or tell you to go dutch.

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