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The Truth About Being In The Friend Zone

Just in case you don’t know, if a person you like only considers you as a friend, then you are in the friend zone. Probably everyone has experienced being in the friend zone once or twice. It’s a bit of a mystery to most people while other simply conclude that things are not meant to be. However, we may have more to understand with this mysterious, hypothetical zone.

Men Must Understand These Facts About Being In The Friend Zone

The truth is not a lot of women are placed in the friend zone. It happens, of course, but not too often. The main complainants are men. So, why does this commonly happen to the male species? Is it due to the lack of confidence? Probably, but there are other reasons as well:

1. Guys always use the friends first approach.

Friendship is a fundamental element in any relationship. However, before you can build that friendship, you absolutely have to start with a spark. If you aim to only be friends first, then that is all that you will ever be.

You have to establish that you feel something romantic towards the woman you’re interested in. You can worry about the friendship later when you’re already dating or in a relationship.

2. Guys assume that they’re automatically in the friend zone.

Yes, we all get gut feelings about a certain person. Normally, we can tell if the person is really into us or not. However, we should never jump to conclusions quickly. We have to give things a chance.

If the lady you are interested in is cold towards you, give her a few days to warm up. After those few days, if she is still cold, then move on. It’s the same when a woman considers you as a friend. If you think that a potential date is putting you in the friend zone, be sure to confirm it by asking her out on a romantic night out with you.

So, your approach to meeting women should be different starting today. Be as fun and flirty as you can. Try playful teasing, but don’t allow your teases to become negging – giving low-key negative comments that target the ego of a woman. You can avoid being in the friend zone this way. But, never ever put yourself there automatically. For more offline and online dating tips, read other posts on the blog.