Tips for Writing to Asian Pen Pals for the First Time

Writing any type of letter is time consuming and requires a bit of an effort if you don’t really know what to write. It will be all the more difficult when you’re writing letters to gorgeous Asian pen pals for the first time. These people are halfway around the world and you don’t even know much about them. The other dilemma is that you need to make a good first impression so your pen pal will enthusiastically write back.

Asian Pen PalsTo help you out in writing an introductory letter that will impress the ladies, has compiled a few simple guidelines that you can follow:

Stick with the Essentials

There are three essential bits of information that you need to include in your introductory letters and these are Gender, Age and Location. You can open your letter using these three, but don’t forget to introduce yourself too.

Where you got the info

After your short introduction, let your pen friend know where you got her contact information from. Feel free to say you found her from the database and let her know why you’re interested in her.

A Little Bit About You

This is a good chance for you to let your new pen friend know a little bit about yourself. Make it brief and mention your interests, hobbies, everyday life and so on. As much as possible, don’t give out too much personal information as your hobbies and interests will do for now. Just remember to keep it short and sweet.

A Chance to Reply

Make sure that the letter is not one-sided. The content is mostly going to be about you so it would be great if you could ask questions about her before you end the letter. this will give your penpal a chance to reply to your letter.

Close it, Don’t force it

When you close the letter, don’t say that it’s absolutely necessary for the lady to reply right away. It will sound like you’re obligating the other person to write back and that’s not good. Make them feel comfortable by simply saying that you’re happy to write to someone from another country and close it with something casual like: “Sincerely”, “Your friend”, etc.

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