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Tips that Will Boost your Dating Profile In 2020

It is the new year and it’s time for you to clear the dust and the cobwebs off of your almost non-existent dating profile. Ouch! That kind of hurt, didn’t it? It’s the truth especially if you haven’t gotten a date in a year. If this is exactly how you feel about it then it’s time to boost your dating profile in 2020 with these 6 tips.

Boost Your Dating Profile With These Easy Suggestions

1. Keep it short

It’s time to revamp your “About Me” section. Double check if you’re about me looks too long. If it is, make it shorter and then format it. Find a way to summarize what you want to say and then use bullet points to enumerate your various qualities, skills or hobbies. Why short and formatted? It organized to look at and easy to read which equals more views from the ladies.

2. Talk about simple fun hobbies

If you haven’t already added your hobbies into your online dating profile for 2020, go ahead and put in simple hobbies like reading and exercising as activities that are “fun”. OK, so we know that these activities aren’t really that much fun but just say that they are. You can also go for other simple hobbies. They’ve been proven to increase views.

3. Stop flirting

If there are words like “baby”, “beautiful”, “angel” or anything like that in your profile, better erase them. If there are other phrases or sentences that sound tacky and pick-up-ish, they need to go. It’s very important that you exhibit respect and sincerity on your profile. Having pick-up lines and tacky female nicknames is not an exhibition of these good qualities.

4. Change profile picture

Do you have anything that’s more recent? Since this is your profile picture, you can actually benefit from uploading a full body picture of yourself. Again, research has show that it increases more views and, thus, increases the likely hood of someone interested to send you a message. Don’t forget that it has to be recent as well so sort through your computer for images that have these 2 criteria (recent, full body). If you don’t have anything that fits these, then it’s time for you to have new pictures taken.

5. Positive words

Prune out the negative words and replace them with positive ones. This is especially applicable when you are describing yourself. Use words like outgoing, confident, cheerful, independent and so on. These sound good, right? The single Asian ladies passing by your profile will think so too and they might just take a second look and send you a message. Fingers crossed! Get pruning!

6. Keep it fun with more pictures

The last advice that we can give is to add more recent pictures in your photo gallery. Now, these pictures shouldn’t just be any pictures. They have to be pictures of you showing like you’re having a good time doing an activity – it could be rollerblading, having fun at a theme park and so on. Potential dates need to see how much of a good time they’re going to have when they’re with you. Just remember to upload photos of just yourself (never photos with another woman).

Time to work!

Now that you’ve read about all 6, it’s time for you to apply them all to boost your dating profile a little (or a lot). Time to get some work done so you can be closer to meeting that special someone online.

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