Sound advice for your first vacation together.

First Vacation With A New Partner: Do’s And Don’ts

There is no doubt that the first vacation of a couple marks a very serious moment in their life. For most, this is the first time they actually have to cohabitate, share a room (and a bathroom) for more than just a night and, basically, see how compatible they are when it’s 24/7 together rather than just dates and sleepovers.

How To Enjoy Your First Vacation With Her

You may have been dating a long time or just a few weeks, yet this period will be a test to you and your relationship. Don’t worry, though. There are things to do to make sure this experience will be a pleasant one.

To begin with, decide on your destination together. Making the decision all by yourself or letting her do everything alone are both wrong. In the first case, you will appear to be a control freak with no regard for her desires, in the latter you may be perceived as indifferent. Plan and organize things together as much as possible and make sure they are to your liking collectively.

However, you need to remember to not get carried away and plan every little thing. You don’t want your time away from it all to be jam-packed with things to see and do, leaving you no real time to relax and enjoy each other’s company and attention.

Leave It All Behind

Another thing that will definitely help you have a good time is to let all your responsibilities and cares behind. If you are constantly on your phone, checking your e-mails, preparing work-related things, she will (justifiably) feel left out and there is fear of your first vacation argument there.

Once you are there, take very small steps with feeling like home. Chances are your daily routine and habits will be different to hers – from your meal hours to your sleeping patterns, for example. Also, make sure to give her space to feel comfortable and tend to her needs too. She will definitely appreciate your willingness to help accommodate her well, and she’ll most probably associate it with your possible life together under the same roof in future.

Don’t Get Carried Away

That said; if you are not ready to make promises, don’t get carried away by the vacation atmosphere and general relaxation. Sometimes when we are away from everything we tend to make bold decisions without thinking too much. Don’t give her hopes of more than you are really willing to offer.

Also, you should not make her feel like she is taking a test. Like we said before, the first vacation may be some kind of a trial period of cohabitation, but you need to keep things casual and fun.

Last but not least, don’t expect too much from your first vacation together. Embrace every moment, make sure you enjoy yourself doing the simple things, and don’t read too much into anything. Your first vacation is and should be a time to recharge your body batteries, enjoy each other’s company and just get away from everything else.

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