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Things to Remember Before Dating a Korean Girl

So you have your eyes and heart set on a Korean girl. You’ve seen her around and you’ve probably spoken to her at one time or another. Though, before considering taking her on that first date, which, in all probability, might turn into more serious dating, here are a few things you might need to consider or know in dating a Korean girl.

If You Plan On Dating A Korean Girls,  Here’s What You Must Know

You need to keep your feet fresh and might need to wear socks more often.

Several Asian nations have the custom of removing shoes before entering someone’s home. In Korea, this indeed is the case. Whether the lady you will be dating is a citizen of the US or back in her home country, you are expected to take off your shoes when you enter their abode. So whenever you anticipate visiting her place, try to make sure your socks are hole-free and your foot fresh smelling.

You ought to develop a love for Asian dishes, and most especially Korean dishes.

Contrary to popular belief, Korean cuisine is comprised of non-spicy dishes, in probably the same ratio, as spicy dishes. They have a lot of “normal” dishes that are really tasty and will not burn your tongue off. But still, if you are considering dating a Korean girl, you ought to develop a deep liking for their dishes. Why? Because it will be expected that you eat (or at the very least, try) all the dishes presented to you. It will be considered rude to do otherwise. So give yourself a head start and start learning to like the taste.

Get used to the fact of overbearing parents.

These days, parents pay way more attention to their kids’ development, starting from the womb down to each milestone making sure their kids get the best of everything. They basically plan everything now. But, Korean parents have been doing this forever. They basically plan everything and will be involved with almost all aspects of their child’s life. This would mean your Korean lady friend will be in constant review of her parents as to her physical appearance as well as her love and career lives. There is a big chance you will be rejected by the parent’s as a suitor, but do not lose faith, this is typical. You will just have to woo her parents as well. After all, if the prize is the Korean lady of your dreams, then all will be worth the effort.

You will be expected to learn the language, eventually.

That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to try and learn simple phrases of the Korean language even before you start dating. It does not need to be perfect for now, and she might even help you with the accent. Though it would be fine if you wait till you two are actually dating. But be mindful. Pay attention to certain words she likes to use as she will expect you to know the meaning after a few times she’s used it.

Try watching a little bit of Korean drama shows.

This may sound as enticing as going on a chick-flick marathon, but this might actually score you major points. It is way easier learning about the culture in these shows and this will actually help you relate to her from time to time as she grew up watching those. Thankfully enough, there are shows for every genre imaginable, so if you’re not the type for the heavy drama types, there are romantic comedies available that might even get you to laugh. There are a lot of these on YouTube so, if you have spare time, might as well watch.