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Things to Know About Indonesian Girls Before Dating Them

Researching for more information about Indonesian girls? You’ve come to the right place if you’re interested in dating them. Well, as a foreign man wanting to have romantic relations with these girls, you shouldn’t dive right in – that’s our best advice – because you might just bite off more than you can chew if you don’t know these 6 things.

Important Facts About Indonesian Girls

Most live with their parents.

Statistics show that 43% of single women in Indonesia live with their parents. These women are aged around 18-30 years old. Surprising but fairly true in most Asian countries. This is a heads up if you’re ever invited to an Indonesian lady’s home.

Lighter skin.

Indonesian girls think that having lighter skin will make them more beautiful and more attractive. This gives light to her bringing an umbrella when you go to the beach and to her spending a good amount of money on skincare products that are supposed to make your skin lighter. This is not the case with all girls but, rather, the majority.

She’s a good investigator.

When you’re already dating one of the many gorgeous Indonesian girls you’ve met, don’t even think about hiding anything from her. Whatever it is that you’re hiding, she will eventually find using her gut feeling and her common sense. Again, don’t even think about it.

No to walking.

Just like most Asian women, Indonesian girls don’t really like to walk to places. If you’re stuck in traffic with her and you’d like to just walk to the place you’re going to because it’s merely 5 mins away from where you are, don’t expect her to want to do the same (or maybe she will if you have an umbrella).


Don’t get this the wrong way and it’s not what you think. She won’t keep any secrets from you while you’re in a relationship with her but the secrets that we’re talking about are more on her past lovers.

Usually, in Western culture, you’ll think nothing of it if a friend, a boyfriend or a girlfriend asks how many partners you’ve been with. With Indonesian girls, however, it is the contrary. You’ll never know about her EXs and, frankly, she’ll consider it rude that you even asked in the first place. It’s her little secret and she intends to keep it that way!

She likes it when you randomly text her.

If you text her randomly throughout the day (until the night when you’re at a bar somewhere), she’ll go to bed happy with the thought of you thinking about her when you have other things to do. It’s like a simple surprise that’ll make her happy and that’ll earn you a few plus points.

How Indonesian Women Think

Don’t think that just because you’ve already learned these 6 that you have Indonesian women all figured out. Very much like the women from the rest of the countries in the world, you can’t really figure out what they’ thinking unless you make an effort to do so. With that said, these 6 can help you but remember to look past these and get to know your Indonesian lady for who she really is.

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