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Things to Expect When on a First Date with a Thai Girl

Going on first dates will never be the same again once you’ve gone on one with a Thai girl. Forget what you know about what to do on first dates and, most certainly, forget the first date moves that you’ve already mastered because going on a first date with a Thai girl is very different. How different is it? You have no idea.

To clue you in on what it’s really like, here are 5 things that you can expect when going out with a Thai girl.

1. No eye contact.

And, most of the time, it’s not just Thai girls too. Most Asian women will be hesitant to lock eyes with you on the first date because they’re not used to it. In Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, direct eye contact is a form of disrespect (believe it or not).

So, when this happens, and you feel uncomfortable with her not being able to look you straight in the eye, just let it go. It’s not you.

2. Minimal conversation.

Don’t take this the wrong way but most Thai girls aren’t really conversational on the first date. Even if you ask all of the questions, most of the time, you’ll be faced with either a yes or a no answer. It’s also highly likely that she won’t be asking any questions about you.

When this happens, just keep the questions coming and try your best to encourage your Thai girl to talk some more; put in the effort. Who knows, you could get her to talk more on the second date (that is, if she says yes).

3. She may take a few friends with her.

We’ve put this in the list because it happens more often than people think. During first dates, a Thai girl may bring some of her girlfriends along. Don’t be surprised, she might just feel uncomfortable being alone with you. Don’t take it personally because a stranger asking another stranger out on a date is uncommon in Thailand.

As with most of the Asian dating cultures, a couple meets through mutual friends or acquaintances and very seldom through chance encounters.

4. You are expected to pay.

Don’t be stingy! Be a gentleman and pay for everything. It is customary and considered gentleman-like to pay on the first date.

In the case of her stringing her girlfriends along, you still have to pay if you want to come off as someone who has sincere intentions.

5. She will have the tendency to order something expensive on the menu.

This could easily be misinterpreted but stop right there. She’s not trying to do anything scam-ish. Your Thai girl might just be trying to put on a front or maybe trying to come off as sophisticated in front of you. Give her a break because she’s probably as nervous as you, having been asked out on a first date.

When this happens, just go with it. What else can you do but enjoy the food she orders, right?

The Thai Dating Culture

By now, it may be quite obvious why we emphasized that taking a Thai girl out on a first date is different. There’s more to this than just these five things, so our recommendation as usual is to make sure that you impress her by knowing what to do during your first date.