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Things that Make an Asian Woman Attractive

It’s not magic, first of all. There are a number of factors that contribute to your attraction and we’re going to talk about six of them today. We’ve thought hard about the question and here’s our list of things (physical features and emotional characteristics) that make an Asian woman attractive.

What type of magic do Asian women have on you that you seem to melt like potty in their hands?

What Makes Asian Woman Attractive?

1. Eyes.

Asians have distinctive eye shapes. Depending on the Asian woman’s race, she might have almond shaped eyes, thin slanted eyes, big round eyes and so on. Her eyes make her look more exotic and they, of course, contribute to her oriental beauty.

2. Body frame.

Slender body frames make an Asian woman sexy. This is typically the type of body frame most Asian females have. There are plumply ones but they don’t really border to being in the obesity category. It’s not very often that you find an obese Asian.

This is thanks to the good old Asian diet which consists of veggies, rice, a little bit of meat and fish.

3. Long black hair and porcelain white skin.

The longer your hair is, the more feminine you look. This is according to a study done by a popular women’s magazine. The study was conducted to see what type of hair length attracts men the most.

Asian ladies love to grow out their hair. Although hair coloring has become a trend, Asian women with natural long, black hair are still very eye-catching.

As for her complexion, her white, porcelain skin may be another factor that contributes to your attraction to her. Asians take pride in skin care (even the men) so don’t be surprised if you find an Asian woman attractive because of this. They’ve worked hard for it.

4. Importance of family.

All Asians have close family ties. No exceptions. For most men, Asian women that know how to handle children, know how to respect the elderly and know how important it is to have family in one’s life is pretty damn sexy. You have to admit that seeing a person you’re attracted to take care of their family makes you go through all sorts of wonderful and passionate feelings inside. Do you agree?

5. Food adventure.

Ah, Asian cuisine. There are a lot of words to describe Asian cuisine. One of them would have to be adventurous. If you’re dating an Asian woman and she has knowledge of all of these wonderful food – sexy desserts, potent aphrodisiacs and sumptuous dishes – her attractiveness would have already gone through the roof.

6. Accent?

OK so this may go either way. There are Asian accents that sound absolutely sexy when spoken using the right tone of voice. On the other hand, there are Asian women that have very annoying accents especially when used during nagging so it’s all a matter of preference.

That’s about it for our list. If you agree with it, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you disagree, don’t be shy to comment below.

What are other Asian traits do you find attractive?

We’re sure that we missed something out so don’t forget to comment on what you think we should add to the list. We may be making a part two of this if you tell us your side of the story. Check back again soon for more fun posts about Asian culture!