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These Super Rich Asians Are Also Looking For Love

With the popularity of the movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” those who are into dating Asian women are thinking if it’s possible to meet successful, super rich Asians in the online dating world. The answer is yes, and some of their profiles are on Asian Date.

Super Rich Asians Also Want To Experience Online Dating

If you have already watched the movie, you’ll know that the actors and actresses play filthy rich individuals. While the ladies on this week’s list may not be billion dollar heiresses, they are pretty successful at their chosen business or career. They, too, are trying to find the love of their life through online dating:


Shiya33 - Asian Date Lady

Shiya is a business owner from China. She is pretty hands on so running her business keeps her busy most of the time. When she is free, she does yoga to release the tension. She travels to different places as well when she gets burned out. According to her, traveling feeds her soul.


Xi26 - Asian Date Lady

Xi owns two businesses. She has a coffee club and a clothing store. She barely has time to do her hobbies, which is why she is allowing trained managers to handle her business in the meantime as she rests and tries her luck with online dating.


Hongqing23 - Asian Date Lady

If there’s one word that Hongqing’s friends would you to describe her, it is kind. They say that being a teacher fits her because she is always kind and compassionate towards her students. If you find this trait admirable, make sure you tell Hongqing yourself.


Jiaying23 - Asian Date Lady

Jiaying is a lovely doctor from China who loves three things: cooking, swimming and taking photos. When she is not in her clinic, she usually experiments in the kitchen. If she isn’t doing this, then she’s swimming to keep fit or walks in the park to take several beautiful photos.


Mancy22 - Asian Date Lady

Last is Mancy who is also a business owner. She, too, enjoys cooking and would like to meet someone who can appreciate a good traditional Chinese meal. She is truly looking forward to meeting someone with a big appetite not just for her cooking, but for life.

Remember that you can get to know more about these super rich Asians by visiting their dating profiles. You can do so by clicking on their respective names. While you’re at it, don’t forget to say hello. For more lists similar to this, read other posts on the blog.