These Asian beauties have the perfect bikini bodies.

These Girls Ooze Confidence In Their Bikini Bodies

Did you know that the favorite two-piece swimsuit was named after the Bikini Atoll island, where the first atomic bomb was tested? Well, that’s convenient since these confident girls also look explosive as they strut their bikini bodies on the beach.

They Have Bikini Bodies To Die For

Apart from having an amazing figure, what else makes our Top 5 Asian girls stand out today? Let’s find out.


One of the best bikini bodies on Asian date, Ling is a sweet 24-year-old teacher.
Sweet Ling is looking for a kind and family-oriented man.

We are kicking off today’s Top 5 with sweet Ling. She is a 24-year-old teacher from China, who likes to cook, read, dance and sing. She also loves life and says she is an optimistic person. Ling is looking for a man who will be kind and family-oriented.


Han is a very diverse and interesting girl.
The pretty dancer says there are 2 sides to her personality.

Pretty Han comes second on our list today. The 23-year-old girl is passionate about dance and says she has two sides to her. She may be a gentle and kind person, but there’s also a wild side of her to explore. In her free time, Han likes climbing and camping. She says that her dream man would be someone with whom she can enjoy life.


Dahlia Munar has one of the most impressive bikini bodies.
Dahlia Munar is a caring nurse who loves outdoor activities and appreciates honesty.

In the middle of our list today we find Dahlia Munar, a beautiful nurse from the Philippines. Dahlia Munar describes herself as honest, independent, romantic, loyal and kind. She likes outdoor activities and sports as well as cooking and traveling. Her ideal man would be much like her, honest, loyal and caring.


Bombshell Natasha Mae stuns in her perfect bikini body.
Explosive Natasha Mae is a cheerful girl who enjoys the glamorous life.

Fourth on the list is an explosive bombshell, Natasha Mae. She describes herself as cute, open-minded, humorous, warm-hearted, easy-going and simple. In her spare time, Natasha Mae likes hanging out with friends and doing outdoor sports. She also likes spending time with her family. Her ideal man should like traveling and he’d have to be kind and honest too.


Pretty Ren has one of the best bikini bodies, she is fun and wants to find someone who'll be strong and full of energy.
The cute 29-year-old business owner is fun and looking for a strong and energetic man.

Last, but not least, comes Ren. The 29-year-old beauty is a business owner with a fiery temperament. She is open-minded and “naughty”, as she says, and the ideal kind of man for Ren would have to be “a real man”, who will be strong and full of energy. Ren is looking forward to finding her partner so they can have fun together.

Sadly that’s all we have time for today. You can click on the name of any girl on our bikini bodies list to find out more about her if you like. You can also check out the interesting profiles of previous Top 5s that we have compiled. For even more Asian ladies’ profiles, why not visit AsianDate? If you like the social media, find us on Instagram too.