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These Business Owners Will Show You Who’s The Boss

Don’t you think these girls look cute? Some of them even fragile? But don’t let their looks fool you, these AsianDate ladies are all business owners, and will, therefore, show you who’s the boss.

AsianDate’s Business Owners Who’ll Win You Over In A Heartbeat

So, if you don’t like confident, determined women who know what they want and know how to take care of themselves, this post isn’t for you. But show us one man who is intimidated by a beautiful woman who will never be boring and hang off his neck, and we will show you a coward.

And as for you other brave men, here are our weekly top 5 beautiful women from AsianDate, who are all, as stated before, successful and unstoppable business owners.


AsianDate Business Owner Wei18

Wei is only 18, but as her occupation, she states “private owner”. Who knows what could that mean, but it was part of the reason we’ve put her on this list since it sounds intriguing. And who better to find out what that means exactly than you? Let us now. Unless you are too busy falling in love, in that case, you are forgiven.


AsianDate Business Owner Youe

Just look at Youe. Doesn’t she look like a boss? But somehow manages to do it gracefully and seductively. And you have to admit that alone is a skill by itself.  And for her other skills, she states photography, cycling, gardening, and cooking, but is also mysterious when it comes to answering what kind of business does she exactly own. Click on her name and ask, she’s waiting.


AsianDate Jiaxin

Jiaxin is 20 years old and lives in China. She looks all romantic and dreamy, but she is also though. As well as in business, she knows what she wants in her love life too, and proudly states that she would like to find a man who knows what is love, and who will be mature, romantic and passionate.


AsianDate Janoi

Yanqi is 25 and mature enough to run her own business. She values trust, honesty, and integrity so much that you couldn’t be interesting to her if you are not a proud owner of these. But, she is also very easy to talk to and is a good listener, so maybe you two could work something out anyway.


AsianDate Xiaoqiong

And we’ve saved the best for last. Well, we only say that because we are sure nobody could resist this beauty. Her name is Xiaoqiong but you can call her Fabee, she is 20 years old and lives in China. She has many interests and is very noble: she helps children from a local orphanage as much as she can. Also, she is very business oriented and would, therefore, like to find a man who will support her and her business in the future.

Have you already made your choice? If you are in doubt, we suggest you make up your mind quickly, since the ladies we choose every week usually find love very soon. So if you wait, you might miss your boss lady, and those aren’t easy to find.

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