Looking to date online? Now is the best time to do it.

There Is A Perfect Time To Date Online, Find Out When And Why

Even though there is no right or wrong period to flirt, and the chance to meet your S.O should never go to waste, it seems that when it comes to online dating, there is literally no time like the present. So, if you are looking to date online, waste no time. Here’s why.

August Is The Perfect Time To Date Online

According to a survey carried out by AskMen, women are more likely to respond to online flirt at the end of summer. Yep, you got that right. The best time to date online is now.

The survey that was carried on a sample of 40 million users revealed that July and August are the most popular times of the year to meet women on online dating sites, second only to October – the so-called “cuffing season”.

The Facts You Need To Know

To be more precise, the survey found that online users are an impressive 21% more active during July and August than they are in May and June. Of course, the more active your fellow users are, the more possible it is for you to find that certain someone among them.

Another interesting finding is that many of the users who have taken a break from online dating decide to make a comeback in July and August. The only busiest time for those returning to the online dating scene is January, what with all the New Year’s resolutions. It is also the peak month for those trying out online dating for the first time, with a 13% rise in July and a 6% rise in August compared to June.

And it’s not only the fact they sign up more during these late summer months; women are also a lot more flirty and responsive then. In fact, it was found that you are in with 10% more chances to get a response from women in August.

So, you are 18% more like to get a wink from the girl of your dreams, 17% more likely to be chatted up by her, and 21% more likely to receive a message from her.

If you are tired of being a singleton and are suddenly feeling the urge to get all coupled up in order to end the summer on a high, it seems that you really aren’t the only one. Don’t lose the chance to date online ASAP –  the time is exactly right.