Some texting habits can actually cause trouble in your life.

These Texting Habits Can Make You Miserable

In a world that moves so fast and relies so much on technology, it is only natural that we have become dependent on our phones for the greatest part of our communication with others – even our partners. However, the great advantages that our mobile phones provide us with go hand in hand with new habits and perceptions that might even be the root of arguments. Is it possible that your texting habits are cause for misunderstandings with your partner?

How Some Texting Habits Can Become The Root Of Problems

At school, our teachers used the fun example of “Let’s eat, Grandma” versus “Let’s eat Grandma” to illustrate how a missing comma could turn us into cannibals. This goes to show how written speech can be riddled with causes for misunderstanding.  Punctuation, however, is just one of our bad texting habits; there is worse.

Ignoring Your Partner’s Texts

Is your partner sending you texts you are too bored to reply to? Are you too busy having fun with your mates to tell your girlfriend that you love her too? If she’s texting you non-stop when you’re out, perhaps you should let her know it’s bothering you. But ignoring a person’s texts is rude and nasty.

Giving One-Word Replies

Unless you’re answering to one-word questions, one-word replies can be viewed as your way to end a conversation, or as a sign that you’re annoyed by something. If you genuinely want to have a nice conversation with your partner, don’t kill things off with curt replies.

Thinking All Your Jokes Are Getting Across

For regular text message users, it is a given that a message conversation has its limitations. You may think that your sarcasm comes across to your partner, but the fact he/she can’t see your smiling face as you crack that joke may make it far less obvious. Thank God for emojis and “lols”. Use them wisely.


The reason for many a late-night argument, drinking and texting are a super dangerous combination. Make sure you limit your drunken confessions and argument-picking. Even better, keep your mobile in your pocket when you’re on the booze.

Having Serious Conversations Via Text

Even though texting is convenient and efficient up to a point, it is wrong – even cowardly – to resort to texting if there are important issues to discuss. Yes, you can arrange a meeting via text, but no, you can’t tell your partner that you want to have a baby if you’re not face-to-face.

To cut a long story short, although text messages are a great way to keep in touch with people throughout the day, there is a certain Savoir Vivre about them that we all need to follow when it comes to our texting habits.

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