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Can You Teach These Ladies A Few Things About Western Culture?

There are plenty of ladies from Asia who are simply curious about the Western culture. Although they may see it through the television, the internet, or social media, it’s always nice to get first-hand information on certain things like how everyday life is in Western countries.

These Ladies Want To Learn More About Western Culture

The Asian Date ladies on this week’s list have a natural affinity to Western Culture. Actually, it’s not just the culture from the West because these ladies are open to learning about cultures from all parts of the world:


Feier38 - Asian Date Lady

There are so many things in the world that Feier wants to discover. She works as an artist so she likes to find inspiration in different things, especially other cultures. During her spare time, she travels so she can be inspired.


CC31 - Asian Date Lady

CC is in charge of her family’s business. They own an auto parts center which is popular in her city. Her parents are in Switzerland, so she goes back and forth whenever she can find the time. She’d like to visit the West soon and that’s why she wants to learn more about Western culture.


Min20 - Asian Date Lady

Do you know what Min is interested to learn about? It’s Western food. Although there are plenty of shops in her city that offer Western dishes, she is still very curious about the taste of the authentic dishes from their respective cities.


Cherry29 - Asian Date Lady

Cherry may not look like it, but she loves to do gardening. She has a small garden in her backyard that she tends consistently. She says that she wants to marry a foreign man because she is tired of the men from China – they don’t understand her much. A foreign man, however, is more open-minded in her opinion.


Nina25 - Asian Date Lady

Nina feels the same way as Cherry. Most of the Chines men she has met weren’t very good listeners. However, when she met foreign men through Asian Date, she realized that they possessed the qualities she is looking for in a husband.

Think about this as a conversation starter. Click on the lady’s name to visit her profile, then send her a message through there. Open with something like, “Would you like to learn more about Western culture? I’m your guy. My name is ______.” Good luck and don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog for similar posts.