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Surprising Factor In All Successful Relationships

What do all successful relationships have that you haven’t had before? We all have this question burning at the back of our heads. When we’ve gone through one broken heart to another, we question what the missing ingredient is in making relationships happier and longer-lasting. Today, we find out!

We’ve Been Missing This One Thing That Makes Successful Relationships

Just like the rest of the world, you’ve probably heard or read somewhere that the key to making relationships last longer is communication. That’s partly true as one study reveals a more specific common factor in the relationships in its control group.

John Helliwell, co-author of the UN World Happiness Report, discovered that the most important factor in a lasting and happy relationship is whether or not you see your partner as your close friend. Married or not, in this study, couples who consider each other as their best friend are happier in their unions.

It Makes Perfect Sense

When you think about it, it makes sense because there are friends who, instead of looking for a partner when reaching a certain age, decide to settle down with each other.

In this study we see how important friendship or building a friendship really is in relationships. When the spark and butterflies go away but, with friendships, a stronger foundation is left, and that’s what makes relationships successful.

Focusing On Friendships For Successful Relationships

The result don’t suggest that you go out into the world and make as many friends as you can. What it does suggest is for you to find a partner who you can connect with. Once you do that, you nurture that connection by becoming your partner’s best friend (and vice versa). The romantic part of your relationship should not be neglected, of course, so there should be a good combination of seeing your partner as your lover and your closest and dearest friend.

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