Why is spring your best chance to find your other half?

Sun Is Out: Are You More Likely To Find Your Other Half In Spring?

There is one distinctive memory everyone has from their schooldays. It’s a lovely, balmy morning in spring and they are in class. They are looking out of the window, oblivious to the world around them – all they want is to get out there, grab their girlfriend and run into a blossoming meadow. Sound familiar? The years may have passed, but you still get the exact same feeling as you look out of your office window. It’s really not you. Mother Nature wants you to find your other half in spring.

What Makes It More Probable To Find Your Other Half In Spring?

It’s not just the birds singing and the bees pollinating flowers. Sure, the whole of nature is reborn in spring, forming the perfect backdrop for romance, but in reality, there are deeper reasons why we are more likely to look for a partner in spring.

To understand why we are so keen to fall in love as the days get warmer, we need to look back to man’s history.  Surviving winter was not an easy thing back in the day, so those who did make it through the winter alive were absolutely exhausted.

But if our ancestors were so tired, how come they were in the mood for love? It is simple really. The longer days of spring gave them more chance to be out, the fact that the land bore fruit meant they had their needs better covered and, so, they were up for some flirting.

A Brand-New Experiment

In a way, then, it seems that we are hard-wired to fall in love in spring. The findings of an experiment carried out by Professor Nicolas Guéguen of the University of South Brittany and published in the journal Social Influence corroborate this claim.

In the experiment, a handsome 20-year-old guy approached 18-25-year-old women who were walking alone in the street and asked them for their phone numbers. He did so both on sunny and cloudy days that had approximately same temperatures.

The research, the first exploring how the weather influences our desire to flirt or our dating behavior, found that women were more open to flirting and giving out their phone numbers on sunny days. To be exact, 22.4% of them did so when there was sunshine, as opposed to just 13.9% on overcast days. So, you are far more likely to find your other half when the sun is out.

Need More Evidence?

Further proof of our propensity to fall in love in spring in time snuggle up and get even closer in winter is the fact that the most common birthday month for human beings is August – do the math.

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