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Successful Chat Up Lines That Work Every Time

You always want to break the ice when you meet someone new online so that the vibe between the both of you can become more comfortable. Doing this may be a challenge to most people, but if they try successful chat up lines, they’ll find that breaking the ice wasn’t such a hard task do to after all.

Successful Chat Up Lines That Are Far From Cheesy

The first thing you need to know is that successful chat up lines are far different from cheesy pickup lines that you will find all over the internet. So, what’s so different? The lines that you will read on the list below do not attempt to “pick up” anyone. Instead, they will encourage a connection between you and a potential date by starting a chat conversation:

1. What book are you reading?

Please remember that you can ask this question after you have already introduced yourself. If you have come across a book worm, one question that will definitely spark a conversation is about books. Ask your match why he or she loves his or her current book – what makes it captivating? Then, share your thoughts about it too.

2. You love dogs too?

Are you an animal lover? Surely, you would also love to meet other animal lovers like yourself. As soon as you do, say hello, and then say something like, “I read on your profile that you love dogs! Someone wants to say hello too.” Next, you send a photo of your pet dog. This is 100% effective for animal lovers.

3. I heard that this band is going to have a concert.

Another common interest that you can use to start a conversation is music. Is the person your interested in in love with one particular band? Research about the band, listen to a few of their songs, and then say hello. Then, ask your potential date about the band he or she likes. Since your equipped, you’ll be able to answer questions and then make comments on songs.

One great takeaway that you can get here is that it’s important to read someone’s profile. If the description on the dating profile is too short, then go for the photos. It’s also as important that you update or finish your own profile so you can catch others’ attention. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.