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She Could Be Stringing You Along If She Says These Dating Lines

We cannot deny that there are some smooth talkers in the online dating world. A few minutes of chatting with them, and you are as good as hooked. Smooth talkers (or chatters, in this case) can give you plenty of dating lines, making you feel like you’ve found someone who is totally head over heels for you.

You Should Be Careful Every Time You Hear These Dating Lines

Alas, smooth talkers are always all talk and no walk. He or she always makes plenty of plans and promises, but don’t expect for this person to follow through. If you don’t want to get your heart broken, you need to watch out for dating lines smooth talkers usually say:

1. “I hope it’s just going to be the two of us. No one else.”

This line may sound romantic to you but you should be very observant when an online date says this. The person you’re chatting with may want you all to him or herself, not giving you any time to be with your friends or family.

2. “Home dates will make you feel more comfortable.”

Every other person loves a good home date, but you have to think twice when every date you’ve had has been just at home. There should be a good balance between going on a date outside, like to restaurants, or bars, and just hanging out around the house.

3. “We just need to focus on the present.”

Yes, we all need to focus on the present to make a relationship work. However, there is nothing wrong with sharing about your past to the person you could potentially be in a relationship with. Is there something to hide?

4. “I’ll make it up to you another time.”

Do you always hear these lines? It’s possible that your online date might just be stringing you along because you are not on his or her priority list. It would be great if this person actually makes it up to you, but if it’s always empty promises, you need to re-evaluate your situation asap.

It’s nice to listen to words that make you feel good, but we still have to use our common sense whenever we look for love online. For more tips on dating, read other posts on our blog.