Find out the possible reasons why you find it so hard to forgive your ex.

Still Can’t Forgive Your Ex? This Is Why

If it’s been some time since you either broke up or gotten a divorce but still feel great resentment and pain over her, there must be a reason you feel this way. Here are some of the explanations as to why you still can’t forgive your ex.

The Obvious And Less Obvious Reasons Why You Can’t Forgive Your Ex

Some of the reasons you still experience that awfully sour feeling in your stomach when you think of your ex may be expected, while others are not always obvious. Let’s examine them one by one, and you can decide for yourself.

You’re Not Over Her Yet

This one is a no-brainer really. If the decision to stop being together was not yours but completely hers, there is a great chance you still fancy her physically, and so you have not fallen out of love. It’s a tough one, but you need to keep the faith: another woman will soon come along if you let her.

Your Ego Has Taken A Blow

This is a very common case when the cause for a break-up is a 3rd person. In the event you have been cheated on, there is great chance that you have not just had your heart broken, but your ego wounded as well. Try not to think of it as your loss though, but hers. When you learn to appreciate all you can give to a relationship, you will realize it is ultimately her who spoilt her chances of being with a decent guy like you. To help you get over the pain, remember that very often the guy with whom women cheat on their partner is not half as good as the partner.

You Think This Is Revenge

Sounds a bit strange, but often we hesitate to let go of our anger because we feel our ex does not deserve it. Why should she be forgiven when she hurt you so bad? You think that by keeping the bitterness alive, you somehow avenge her for breaking your heart. In reality, you are just torturing yourself. Chances are that she won’t even know or care about how you feel.

Your Anger Attaches You To Her

They say hate and love are two sides of the same coin, and in some cases it is true. As love is an intense and forceful feeling, so is hate a profound emotion that can attach us to people. By holding on to your rage, you hold on to what you know: having strong feelings for her. This time, though, the attachment is one-sided and only keeping you from moving on with your life.

The moment you decide to let go of your anger and forgive your ex, you will be a man renewed. Holding on to a negative feeling only serves to give us the illusion of having some sort of connection with a person from whom we need to keep a distance if we are to find happiness again.

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