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Can You Spot These Chat Flirting Signals?

Have you ever chatted with someone and you thought that they might be flirting with you? But, of course, you do not want to ask this from the person outright. You never want to seem presumptuous and assuming. On the other hand, you have to know if your online date is actually giving off chat flirting signals.

Chat Flirting Signals That You’re Not Seeing

We never want our date to think that the attention is going to our heads so the best things to do is watch out for chat flirting signals that will guide you on how to respond:

Regular Compliments

Does your online date always give out compliments to you? It could be a sign that he or she wants your attention. Yes, there are compliments that are nice, but there are those that will make you feel shy or flattered. You should definitely watch out for the latter.

Using GIFs And Emojis

It’s fun to use emojis and GIFs when you chat. If your chat box is filled with both, it means that both of you are having a good time communicating with each other. You’d like to add “flavor” to what you’re talking about for some excitement. It seems trivial, but it’s this generation’s way of reacting to something – a photo, an opinion, a song, and etc.

The Conversation Flows Easily

The last sign that you should be watching out for is the flow of your conversation. Is it heavy? Or does it just flow out of the both of you? If nothing feels forced, or awkward, then it is a good sign that things are going well, and that you two are a good match with each other.

If You Spot These Chat Flirting Signals, Do Something About It

So, if you spot any of the chat flirting signals your online date is giving off, you can also respond by flirting back. You would want your date to know that you are interested in him or her too. Just go easy on the flirting for the first few chats. For more relationship and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.