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Here’s A Single Dad’s Guide For Dating

If you are a single dad who wants to start meeting women online, you might feel a little intimidated especially if you have been out of the dating scene for some time. You’re going to need a guide for dating that will help you stay on the right path towards dating success.

Guide For Dating: What Single Dads Need To Know

Today’s dating scene is more complicated because of all of the new ways to meet people. There are online dating and app dating. Of course, there’s dating in real life, so you basically have to know how to navigate through all three. What you should do is follow these rules in this guide for dating:

1. Expectation VS Standards

Who do you expect to meet and what do you expect to happen when you are dating? Probably, you might answer, meet someone who is interested in a serious relationship. And, you might expect to meet this person in a few months.

Your first expectation is alright. There are people who are interested in a commitment. However, you have to know that not everyone who is in the dating scene is looking for the same thing. Watch out for those who are only looking for short-term relationships.

Your second expectation may be a bit off. It’s possible for you to meet someone in a matter of months, but please remember that dating is a process of trial and error. You may meet someone interesting, but this person may not like being with children. This is just a scenario, but it does happen.

2. Kids Are Priority #1

As you are dating, remember that your kids are still your first priority in life. This means that you have to take their presence into account. Be truthful about being a single dad and what you want for the future, so your date knows exactly where she stands.

3. Boundaries Are Important

It’s important to set boundaries. Early on, you have to decide when to introduce your date to your child/children. When things are going well, it’s important that your date knows the role she plays when it comes to the kids.

These four rules in this guide for dating are pretty basic. But, they’ll be enough to get any single dad started. You will learn the other rules as you meet potential partners online or in real life. Just remember to be yourself, don’t lose your identity, and always think about the bigger picture. For more relationship and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.