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Simple Tips On How To Become A Good Kisser

You may have to change your perspective if you think that kissing well is not going to be a determining factor in your date. If you kissed your date badly, you may not get another date with the same person. However, if your date finds you to be a good kisser, it intensifies and caps off a wonderful evening.

Becoming A Good Kisser By Going Through This List

Think of kisses as make or break actions. You may just be surprised at what a good kiss can do to a blossoming relationship. With that said, it’s essential that you know what it takes to become a good kisser:

1. Cover The Basics

What are the basics, exactly? There are a couple. First, consent. In today’s age, you have to be sure that your date wants the kiss. Once you’ve done that, you have got to have:

  • Fresh breath
  • Moisturized lips

Carry with you a mint or breath spray when you go on a date. Also, don’t forget a chapstick or some kind of lip balm.

2. Soft And Gentle

You may have seen aggressive kissing in a few movies, but people don’t really like this in real life, after going on a date. If you go in too aggressively, you may just throw everything out of whack. The best thing to do is to kiss softly and gently.

3. Feel Out Your Next Move

Whatever technique you had in mind, throw it out of the window. When the moment is right, and you go in for the kiss, don’t follow a specific sequence in your mind to make the kiss unforgettable. To be a good kisser, you have to feel out what you’re going to do next. Take your cues from how your date is kissing. You’ll know and feel what move is appropriate.

This means that you have to pay attention. Be present at the moment and don’t think about anything else.

It’s going to take a bit of practice for you to become a good kisser. Follow the tips you just learned: cover the basics, be gentle and feel out your next move. You’ll do absolutely fine as long as you are present in the moment. For more tips, read other posts on our blog.