This is what a sapiophile is like.

The Definite Signs That You Are A Sapiophile

You may never have heard of the words Sapiophile and Sapiosexual, as they are both neologisms (words that were only recently coined), but that doesn’t mean you may not be one. These new adjectives that are becoming more and more widely used thanks to social networking sites describe the kind of person who finds brains equally – if not more – attractive as looks.

The Characteristics Of A Sapiophile

Are you the kind of person who would not go on a second date with a girl who doesn’t know a thing about Marcel Proust even if she were the hottest woman on earth? Do you find few things more stimulating than a conversation with an intelligent lady? These are just some of the traits of a Sapiophile. Find out about the rest.

#1. You are a clever person yourself.

The say “opposites attract”, but in the case of clever people it is more “birds of a feather flock together” that’s at play. Super clever people find the company of less intelligent ones boring and uninspiring. The minds of intelligent people work in ways that are more complex than those of the average person; that’s why the way Sapiosexuals socialize and the choices they make are also different to those of average-brained folks.

#2. Her bookshelf is far more interesting for you than her wardrobe.

Sapiophiles are very much attracted by a wide reader. They can tell a lot about a lady by scrutinizing her bookcase. A sapiophile would more likely find vampire literature or “50 Shades of Grey” as big a turnoff as a regular person would find a kitsch outfit or the wrong pair of shoes on a date.

#3. You prefer girls who have their own fashion sense and style.

A sapiophile is very rarely a follower of trends. Thus, they can also appreciate personal style and tastes, meaning that they wouldn’t mind dating a woman who is not bang on trend, preferring instead someone who has developed her own individual taste in fashion, music, and ideas.

#4. Your dates are intellectually stimulating.

If you are a sapiophile, a perfect date would probably be somewhere like an independent film festival, a museum or art gallery, a book presentation, a poetry event, the planetarium or any other place that combines pleasure with knowledge. A sapiosexual would be happy to spend time in a café, as long as it’s situated in a museum or it has been frequented by great thinkers (Café de Flore anyone?).

#5. You find questions interesting, not annoying.

When average-brained people go on dates, they often find a torrent of questions to be tiring and boring, but not sapiophiles. For a sapiophile, questions are opportunities to take a conversation further, to think, to dig deeper into their own selves and to improve. The more their date asks them, the better.

#6. Words are the sexiest thing for you.

You appreciate good looks, a pretty face and a nice figure, of course. However, better than her wearing a tight-fitting dress, you like it when she tells you things that you find intellectually stimulating. A woman who can express herself well is a woman you feel deserves to be by your side, and this knowledge is a big turn on for you.

If you recognize these characteristics in yourself, be proud of who you are: a proper Sapiophile. Every person is different, and everyone has the right to have their own tastes and preferences. Knowing what kind of person floats our boat is a great start in our quest to find true love.