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Signs Of A Stable Relationship

Whenever we go into a relationship, we do the best that we can to make things work. We may falter, sometimes, but essentially we try to make things as stable as possible. On that note, how does one know that he or she is in a stable relationship? What are the signs to look out for?

A Stable Relationship Is Characterized By The Following Signs

It’s a fact that all relationships need work. Whether it is romantic or not, the connection between two people has to be maintained with shared moments and being genuinely present in the relationship. For you to know, for sure, that you are in a relationship that’s stable, watch out for the following signs:

1. 5:1 Is Your Magic Ratio

Fighting is not something that couples can eliminate in a relationship. There will always be arguments and bad experiences that will come a couple’s way. However, experts say that happy couples experience five good moments for every one bad experience.

2. Being Right Doesn’t Matter

A lot of couples argue because one wants to prove that he or she is right. Well, that’s not a sign of a stable relationship. Couples who are going to last usually focus on the solution rather than fighting and arguing about who will emerge as the victor.

3. You Walk In The Same Shoes

It’s likely that you have already heard of the expression “put yourself in one’s shoes”. In a stable relationship, both people can step into each other’s shoes. This means that your partner can see things from where you are standing, and you can do the same with him or her.

4. Positive Predictability

When a stable couple is faced with a certain situation, one knows what the other will do. This is what we mean when we say positive predictability. In no way does this pertain to a boring routine. A couple who is in a stable relationship knows and trusts that the other will do the right thing when the time to do so comes.

5. Future Plans

Of course, when a couple can imagine themselves together for a long time (maybe forever), they make future plans together. It’s as simple as that.

How many signs can you see in your current relationship? If you see less or none at all, take it as something that both you and your partner need to work towards. For more tips on improving relationships, check out more from our blog.