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Once These Shy Girls Open Up, They’ll Be The Funnest To Be With

When you date online, it’s important to remember one important detail when you meet new and interesting ladies. There will be ladies who are comfortable talking to strangers, but there are also shy girls who won’t open up to you unless you get to know them first.

Give Shy Girls A Chance And You’ll See Their Fun Side

Meeting shy girls online is common especially when you are online dating on Asian Date. Most Asians have a coy personality when you first meet them. It’s only when you talk to them and interact with them enough that you will bring out their fun side. This week, we compile shy girls on the list.


Dongrong44 - Asian Date Lady

Dongrong has been very expressive on her dating profile. It could be because she expresses herself better in writing. She says that she’s a glass-half-full kind of lady. You’d have to ask her yourself to know what she means by this.


Bo37 - Asian Date Lady

Bo is an independent lady who has had her heart broken a few times. Despite this, she still believes in love. She believes that she can still find her one true love through online dating. Currently, running her own clothing company keeps her busy but she would gladly drop everything when she has met Mr. Right.


Yifang19 - Asian Date Lady

Yifang admits that she is a bit shy when talking to new people. However, she does say that she is a person with a very open mind so she’s willing to go past her shyness as long as the people she talks to are patient with her.


Xiaomeng19 - Asian Date Lady

Xiaomeng is somebody who believes in equal treatment. In her future relationship, she says that she wants everything to be equal from time, finances, and the effort needed to make a relationship work. She’s very loyal, she admits. It’s just a matter of people being willing enough to break through her shell.


Chengna19 - Asian Date Lady

Chenga or Nana, as she is called by her friends, is someone who thinks of herself as an introvert. Her family has the financial capacity so to get her out of the house, they would buy her expensive gifts. Luckily, through the gifts, she caught the wanderlust and wants to travel the world with the person she loves.

When you talk to these shy girls for the first time, you won’t get much out them in terms of conversation. However, if you keep talking to them, getting to know them daily, you’ll discover another side to these shy ladies that you might like. For more lists similar to this, check our blog.