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This Is How You Show Modern Chivalry

In the perspective of dating, do you know what chivalry means? It’s simply a code of conduct that a gentleman must abide by. Way back in the past, the code was followed by knights. It wasn’t decided on or summarized, but it was all about protecting the weak. So, what about modern chivalry?

The Epitome Of Modern Chivalry

In this century, with the rise of feminism and gender-equalization, men can’t really “protect the weak” anymore. The term “weak” may even be offensive. For many generations, the old-fashioned idea of chivalry was always taught to men. It’s time to give the definition an update:

1. Remember that women aren’t porcelain dolls.

It was common in the past to treat women like they are helpless. It’s a common idea for a woman to be the “damsel in distress.” Well, it isn’t applicable today. Women can also be as tough as nails, just like the men.

2. Being polite is still a must.

Politeness is still part of modern chivalry. Manners and good conduct are as important today as it was in the past. You should never forget the lessons your mom taught you as a child.

3. Understand the essence of a modern woman.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with opening the door for a woman. It’s not about allowing her to feel that she cannot open the door herself. It’s simply a good gesture. However, what you should avoid doing is telling a woman or preventing her from doing something because you think that she is “fragile.”

4. Women can be knights too.

With all the talk about gender equality, you have to recognize that women are your equal. They may need saving from time to time, but they can handle their own. A part of modern chivalry is allowing women to be strong and independent.

Now that you understand what modern chivalry is about, it’s time to apply what you have learned as you meet people in real life or online. Just remember to be a gentleman with a contemporary view about the needs of a woman. For more dating tips and reviews, read other posts on the blog.