Is it ever a good idea to share passwords with your partner?

Should You Share Passwords With Your Partner?

As times change, so do the issues and dilemmas faced by couples. In the digital age, one very real concern all people in stable relationships have to deal with at some point is whether it’s a good idea to share passwords with their partner or not.

The Arguments Of Those Who Do Share Passwords

Those who ultimately decide to share passwords with their better half say they feel very comfortable doing so. The premise behind their decision is that a person who has nothing to hide can share everything. If you are not exchanging messages with your exes or having little chats with your attractive colleague from the office, why would you want to keep the interactions (or lack thereof) undisclosed?

These people will pick up their partner’s phone when it rings, read his or her text messages (and maybe respond to some too), and sometimes even have access to their bank accounts. To their mind, this is nothing but a sign of a trusting, healthy relationship, where everything is out in the open and no one has any secrets.

The Arguments Of Those Who Don’t

Couples who decide against sharing passwords are the people who believe that trust means not having to check on your partner. They are the people who say there is no need to constantly check your partner’s e-mail and Facebook account looking for secret messages.

In their view, the very fact a partner needs to pick up your phone when there’s an unknown number when it rings means that they feel insecure in the relationship and there is a lack of trust between them.

Those who decide not to share passwords with their partners say that even when we are in a relationship, we still need our privacy and space to breathe.

So, What’s The Verdict?

As with most things relationship-related, there is no right and wrong answer here. Whether you want to share passwords is a very personal choice, at the end of the day. One thing that’s for sure, however, is that you should only do it if you are both in agreement that it’s something you want to do. And another thing, bear in mind that a partner who wants to stray will find a way to do it, even if it means sending smoke signals.