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Short-Haired Ladies Can Be Just As Pretty, You’ll See

You know, there are men who love girls with long, black, silky hairs. Many believe that having long hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty, especially in Asian countries. However, short-haired ladies can be just as beautiful as ones with long hairs. You’ll see.

A List Of Attractive Short-Haired Ladies On Asian Date

This week, we focus on short-haired ladies that can turn plenty of heads. They understand that chopping a good length of their hair off makes them stand out from the crowd with a look that’s considered going against the grain. Let’s meet them:


Qi29 - Asian Date Lady

Qi is an HR Manager working in Xian, China. The most important thing for her right now is honesty. She would really like to meet someone who can be upfront with her about wanting a serious relationship.


Li36 - Asian Date Lady

Li is actually tired of living alone. However, she copes with it by planting a lot of beautiful flowers and plants in her garden. She has always been fond of horticulture ever since she was little. Despite this distraction, she still hopes to find the right guy she can be with for the rest of her life.


Yuyan24 - Asian Date Lady

Yuyan is the artist of the bunch. She decided to wear a short style one day because she says that the look gives her more character. Currently, she has a painting career which has helped her go to different places in China.


Jingjing22 - Asian Date Lady

Jingjing decided to cut her hair this year. She understands that plenty of men like ladies with long hair, but her haircut is a symbol of a new beginning to her. She wants to start building her new life this year, with the added bonus of a new love.


Ping24 - Asian Date Lady

Ping is young, but what the man she prefers to meet is someone more mature. She says that older men are better for her because she is used to being spoiled. She would want to be showered with gifts and, most of all, love.

Now, do you agree with us when we say that short-haired ladies can be as pretty as women with long hair? Remember that you can get to know the girls more by clicking on their name and visiting their profile. For similar lists, you can check out the rest of our blog.