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Secret Texting Techniques You Must Know Right Now

Are you the kind that likes to text potential dates you’re interested in? That’s totally fine if you are. If you aren’t, you have to consider changing your perspective because texting can be fun. There are certain messages that you can only send through text. For example, you don’t have to call if you just wanted to say, “I hope you have a nice day.” So, starting today, you have to learn secret texting techniques.

Secret Texting Techniques That Will Save Your Dating Life

If you are an avid texter, then you’ll know how tricky it can get. You have to say the right things at the right times. Most of the time, we have to admit that we are simply winging it. If things don’t go the way we imagined them to, then we just credit it to being “not meant to be.” But, actually, there are some secret texting techniques that will help you overcome the mentioned obstacles.

Minimize Question Marks

When you are texting your potential date, try not to ask questions anymore. For example, if you want to see your date on Friday, don’t say, “Would you like to grab a movie and dinner on Friday?” There’s nothing wrong with this, but it will give you a lesser chance of getting a good reply. Simply text, “I’ll see you on Friday for dinner and a movie.”

Don’t Stick To The Usual

When you text, “Hey, what are you up to?” it’s so boring. It’s like saying, I’m bored. Please entertain me. If your date does answer the question with, “Nothing much,” what then? From the get-go, you have to say something really interesting. For instance, “I read this really good book and one of the characters reminded me of you.”

Forget The Rules That You Have Learned

Do you know the rules that say you have to wait for a bit before you reply to a message? Forget about them all. They don’t apply in today’s time anymore. If you want to reply right away, then do so. If you can’t reply because you are doing something, then just explain it to the person you are texting.

When you have mastered all three secret texting techniques, you will approach texting with a better perspective. Hopefully, you will also get the results that you want. Don’t expect them to happen overnight, but you will eventually get to a level where you are comfortable with texting anyone. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.