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Secret Yet Effective Ways To Test Chemistry

In most cases, you’ll know when you have chemistry with someone if you feel it. You instantly know that you will get along well with this person. The feeling of comfort and ease are present. However, these are all gut feels. To know for sure, there are a few ways to test chemistry.

Test Chemistry And See If Your Relationship Will Be For The Long Haul

Whenever we think about chemistry, we think about how good we feel when we are with another person. Yes, it’s a defining factor when it comes to dating, but it’s not just about the feeling. It’s also about compatibility and genuine care for the person you’re with. For you to test chemistry out, try these effective ways which aren’t even noticeable:


Chemistry isn’t totally a numbers game, but numbers are reliable. For example, how many times has your partner canceled dates? How many time has your partner been around to comfort you? How many time have you been there for your partner?

Listen To Words Carefully

There are words that make us feel good and there are those that make us feel awful. Does your partner always speak good things to you and about you? Or, does his or her words always spill judgment and pointing out your wrongs?

Good Times And Bad

To test chemistry, you must see if your partner or date give his or her support to you in good times and bad. Yes, you’ll feel wonderful when the person is present in good times, but you’ll know that your relationship will be for long-term when he or she is present in bad times.

Balance Of Power

There will come a time in every relationship where one partner’s needs will be expressed more than the other. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. But, is it always about your partner? Or, is there a balance of power in your relationship? It should be “give and take” – not give and give.

Test chemistry by seeing things the way they really are. When you have done all these tests and your partner has passed, it’s a green flag for your relationship. It means that you are connected deeply and your relationship stands a good chance to last. For more tips on dating and strengthening relationships, read other posts on the blog.