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The Secret Behind The Diverse Beauty Of Filipinas

Have you ever wondered why the beauty of Filipinas is diverse? There are some who look more Chinese or Spanish than others. Some have light skin, some olive skin. The features are never the same. That’s because there’s a secret to a Filipina’s bloodline.

The Diverse Beauty Of Filipinas Makes Them Stand Out In A Crowd

Based on the history of the Philippines, there were plenty of modern invaders in the past. Also, there were plenty of Chinese immigrants who settled in the country in the past. This caused interracial relationships and bloodlines to fuse, which explains why women from the Philipines have different features. Let’s meet some now:


Sabina28 - Asian Date Lady

Just like every other Filipinas, Sabina loves to visit nature spots in her city. She loves hiking, going to the beach, and walking in parks. when she’s not outside, one of her past time is watching a movie at home and cooking.


Emily30 - Asian Date Lady

Emily’s philosophy on relationships is simple. Through online dating, it’s important to establish a friendship first. Then, as the chatting and video calling progresses, it’s the time to evaluate if a potential attraction is present.


Veera25 - Asian Date Lady

Veera describes herself as hard-working. Most of her time she dedicates to her job. However, she does find time in her busy schedule to spend with family and friends. Though her career is important to her, she understands how important family is.


Balagtas28 - Asian Date Lady

Balagtas is a simple lady from the island of Cebu, Philippines. Most of her friends describe her as kind, caring, and optimistic. She smiles most of the time, and she feels like her smile is going to catch Mr. Right’s attention.


Dariela29 - Asian Date Lady

Dariela loves to ride her scooter around her city. She says that it was difficult to learn how to ride her moped, at first. But she persisted, learning to ride all by herself. According to her, these are the hallmarks of who she is – persistent and independent.

Each Filipina has her own unique trait – physical, emotional and intellectual. Women from the Philippines are beautiful in their own right, and if you appreciate this, remember that you can meet plenty of Filipinas on Asian Date. For more lists like this, read other posts on the blog.