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What To Do When The Second Date Doesn’t Happen

What do you do if the second date you’ve been expecting to happen doesn’t? How do you deal with this kind of rejection? Most men cannot handle it and cannot stand when this happens. To avoid this feeling next time, you have to read these tips.

How To Handle Not Having A Second Date

This is a common scenario. You’ll be familiar with it for sure. You meet a wonderful woman through an online dating site. You hit it off and chat for a few days. You progress by calling each other through the dating site’s communication tools. Everything seems to be going well.

You decide to meet for the first time (the first date). You feel like everything went well. You wait for her to go online and reply to your messages, but, as soon as you check, you have zero mail. What has happened?

The Closure

It’s natural to want closure especially if you feel like everything was going great. The most likely reason why this happened is that the date wasn’t going as great as it was in your mind. The lady you met may have realized that there was something in you that she didn’t like. it’s the honest possible truths.

How To Get Over The Rejections

Whether you want to hear this or not, you not getting a second date usually means that you did not click. There are a couple of lessons that one can learn from this experience:

  • You have to meet a person in real life to see their true personality.
  • You’re not going to hit it off with everyone you meet.

The best way for you get over a second date rejection is to simply change your perspective. It’s not going to be easy but here are a few tips for you to do this:

  1. Do away with your “must” thoughts. For example, “I must not be good looking at all”.
  2. Try to see the lessons in your rejections. It could be time to update your wardrobe. It could also be time to get into shape or tap into your sense of humor.

These tips are simple to say but hard to do. Look at it this way, not all the women in the world will be into you. That’s just a fact. Do not, however, let this rejection stop you from looking for the right person. For more tips on dating, read our blog.