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Research Says This Is The Right Way To Kiss

When you kiss your partner, do you notice your head tilting to the left? Or do you notice it tilting more to the right? In most cases, our heads tilt to the right because of a very interesting reason according to two researches. In a nutshell, tilting our heads to the right is the right way to kiss.

Right Way To Kiss Is To Lean Or Tilt Right

The first research that we are going to look at is published in the journal of Scientific Reports. This particular research entailed the participation of 48 married couples in Bangladesh. The couples had to kiss in private, and then answer a series of questions about kissing.

The results revealed that those who leaned their heads to the right are likely to initiate the kiss. Those who are receiving the kiss adjust to the direction of the tilt to avoid uncomfortable contact. Most initiators were men.

The second research is by the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. They analyzed over 500 pictures of people kissing – romantic kisses and platonic kisses. Researchers found that 80% of the couples in the pictures they studied tilted their heads more to the right when embracing or kissing – this indicated a romantic relationship.

Couples in pictures who tilted their head more to the left when kissing a person indicated more of a platonic kind of relationship, as with family.

What Does It All Mean?

The results of these two researches tell us the right way to kiss, basically:

  • We are wired to tilt our heads to the right. This feels the most natural for us, based on research. On your next date, if you found the perfect moment for a kiss, lean or tilt to the right to avoid mishaps.
  • When someone we are interested in tilts their heads to the right when they kiss us, it means that they consider us as a mate, but if it is towards the left, we may be in the friend zone.

These are all very interesting, isn’t it? You can definitely use these information when you are dating. Do share this post if you found it helpful. Remember to always kiss on the right! If you want more dating tips, we have more posts for you to read on our blog.