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This Is Why People Remain In Romantic Relationships Despite Being Unhappy

It’s sad when we find ourselves in a bad situation with the person who we thought was the love of our life.  We may have grown unhappy but we still remain in romantic relationships despite our unhappiness. What makes us stay? Could our relationship get any better?

To Remain In Romantic Relationships Has Something To Do With Our Perception

Commonly, when you do not want to be in a certain situation, you just leave or remove yourself from the equation. When in a relationship, it’s a bit more complicated. You cannot just leave despite being unhappy because of the following reasons:

1. The thought of being alone is way worse.

Of course, one of the options that we entertain is breaking up with our partner now. However, we don’t do it because we may feel that being lonely is worse or dating again is just unbearable for us.

2. We think our partner is dependent on the relationship.

Despite our unhappiness, we still care about the needs of our partner. For example, if we view our partner as being very dependent in our relationship, then we are less likely to initiate a breakup.

3. We have invested so much.

When we have put so much into the relationship, we don’t want to let go of it just like that. Definitely, we see our relationship as valuable because we invested so much into it. If we find value in something, we don’t just throw it away easily.

4. We’re hopeful that things will change.

The last reason why we hold on is that we are hopeful that things will get better. They will if we do something about our situation. But, if we just sit down and hope, things will never get better.

We shouldn’t just remain in romantic relationships and do nothing. It’s great to be hopeful, but we have to be proactive in making the repairs necessary. In short, if you feel unhappy, then do something about it. Whether you decide to stick it out and fix the relationship or go, make sure that it’s a decision that you make for yourself. For more reviews and tips, read other posts on the blog.