Religion & Relationships: The Philippines

AsianDate - Relationship AdviceThe Philippines is a place that’s dominated by the Christian and Catholic religion. These religions have influenced how Filipinos live and it has influenced their values greatly. And even these days, no matter how modern the times are becoming, we can still see these influences in almost all aspects of a Filipino’s life. And, this includes the aspect of relationships.

How will this topic help you in the future? Well, Filipinas make great wives because they’re great care providers (that’s why there are a lot of Filipino nurses everywhere), they’re strong and independent and they are very attractive. You might just be chatting with one these days! If you are, then we urge you to read on.

What Filipinos Think of someone who has no Religion

First of all, you should remember that Filipino women are usually open-minded – at least the younger generation is. When the idea of a person having no religion is introduced into their thinking, it may be a little strange but it’s something that’s not really a big deal when you’re dating.

Things, however, might change when you do decide to get married. It’s really best to discuss this issue with your partner because the family back home (in the Philippines) is going to expect a church wedding with everything but the kitchen sink.

What Filipinos Think of someone who has a Different Religion

Now, let’s talk about this one. Let’s say you’re a Muslim but you’d like to date a Filipina. How’s that going to work? Short answer is: it will IF you’re just dating. Very similar to the discussion before this one, issues involving conflicting beliefs may arise from your relationship when you do get married. As for other religions that still believe in God (Christian denominations), it’ll be no problem.

The main thought for this one would be: if you don’t believe in God in general, you might have a few issues when you’d like to marry a Filipina. There’s of course the rare chance of meeting someone from the Philippines who’s so open-minded (plus her family’s open-minded too) that she actually won’t mind.

The Family Factor

Family is very important in the Philippines – very important – so with major life decisions like getting married to someone from a different culture and religious background, long discussions with advices from the family will affect your girl’s decision, just so you know. Again, if you’re just dating, this may not be a big deal with her family but everything changes once you decide to really get serious.

What to do about it?

If you’re a person who’s found himself in the middle of this dilemma, we have a few suggestions:

• Talk it out with your partner and be honest to each other about it.
• Support each other especially when meeting the family of the other to discuss your potential wedding.
• Compromise if you have to because there are just things that won’t budge.