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What Does Your Relationship Status On Social Media Say About You

We live in the digital age where people have built their empires on social media. Aside from business, shopping, travel, and parties, people also flaunt their relationship status on their several accounts.

Why Do People Feel The Need To Flaunt Their Relationship Status?

In the past, people discreetly maintained their relationship status. Now, people flaunt it, especially their marriages and engagements. But why?

Societal expectations

People can put high expectations, especially on how grand a proposal or a wedding can be. The grander the photos and videos you post on social media, the more people will praise you. And you feel good, even just temporarily.


Needless to say, the likes and hearts on social media posts signify validation from people. The more likes there are, the more popular the posts. And the poster becomes happy. There are people who thrive in these things.

Healthier Ways To Approach Your Relationships

However, flaunting your relationship status and living up to the expectations of people is not the best way to achieve a fulfilling relationship. Instead of focusing on social media and your relationship status on it, try the following:

1. Focus on the marriage.

Instead of just the wedding, focus on the marriage or the life ever after. The wedding, no matter how much money you have spent on it, is just for a day. Surely, you deserve to be happy on your wedding day but work more on what needs to keep your relationship steady and secure.

2. Marry for the right reasons.

Are you marrying somebody for the size of the stone the engagement ring, how grand the wedding was, or how good the two of you will look on Instagram? These are all superficial reasons. Focus on the qualities of the person that will carry you through the difficult days.

If you are happy with your relationship status, there is really no need to flaunt it on social media. If ever you are going to post about your new boyfriend or your wedding, ask yourself what it is for. Is it just for updating your friends about your happenings or to boast about the material aspects? A successful relationship will happen even without the affirmation of society as long as you work on it. For more Asian Date tips, read the rest of our blog.