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Relationship Lessons Your Kids Learn From You

Our children’s first teachers are us, their parents. Their first school is the home. They learn the first lessons and most of their life skills while they are under our roof. While they spend so much time in school as they are growing up, it is still in the home where they are nurtured and where they also learn relationship lessons.

Family Set Up That Teaches Valuable Relationship Lessons

Kids, especially the teens, are picking up values at home from their parents. The children in nurturing homes with have better problem-solving skills and are prone to deal with relationship issues with a certain level-headedness. Your home has to have the following familial characteristics to produce a positive environment for your children:

Positive Family Climate = Positive Reactions

In a home that is generally loving, kind, and compassionate, children tend to pick up these traits and carry it on in their development years. Their actions reflect the relationship values that they learned at home. Since they have a more positive engagement at home, it is most likely that they will also show a positive reaction, even when conflict arises with their future partner.

Effective Parenting = Good Communication

Effective parents are involved in their children’s lives. Although they also work hard to provide for their family, they still try to be present in the lives of their kids. They have a good level of communication and openness as well.

Cohesive Family Structure = Better Conflict Resolution

A cohesive family structure is associated with more confident adolescents who are less likely to become aggressive in resolving conflicts. They are more likely to develop healthy and loving relationships as well.

Does Having A Positive Home Really That Important?

Children who grew up in homes where parents do not exemplify a healthy relationship are most likely to become aggressive adolescents who may be incapable of truly loving another person in a healthy way. They can become possessive and prone to give or even receive emotional abuse.

While they can change, such children may have to go through a lot of hurts before learning valuable relationship lessons. So, yes. Striving to make a positive environment within your home is a must. For more advice on love and family, read the rest of the posts on our blog.