How to solve the relationship dilemma of having to choose between 2 girls.

Relationship Dilemma: How To Choose Between Two Girls

Finding the one for us is hard enough, but when we are stuck between two girls things get even harder. How do you get out of such a difficult relationship dilemma and choose between two girls you like? Here’s how.

Your Way Out Of A Serious Relationship Dilemma

It might seem like a fun thing to do at first, but dating two girls at once can only go on for so long. If the time has come for you to face this – admittedly tough – relationship dilemma, these are the things to consider.

How Much You Like Them

For you to be involved with both these girls, you are obviously attracted to them physically. However, there must be one of them you find cuter, more to your tastes as regards her appearance. It is not a superficial thing to take physical attraction into consideration when you choose a partner, don’t downplay its importance.

How Compatible You Are

Other than your physical attraction, you need to ask yourself how much you have in common with each of them. Do you share the same interests? Do you enjoy doing the same things? Which one of the two is easier to hang out and have a good time with? Who do you have the same ideals as?

Your Shared Goals In Life

Think about whether you are at the same stage in your life. Are they both out to have fun or is one looking for something more serious? Then, ask yourself what it is that you want out of your relationship. Pick the one you are on the same page with.

Who You Miss The Most

A good test on your heart is to try to stay away from both while you are trying to make up your mind about who to choose. This will provide you with the necessary time to breathe and give you the chance to genuinely see who you miss more. The one you miss more is most likely the one for whom you have developed stronger feelings.

While you may feel under pressure to make a decision fast, it is best not to rush into one. Like all life decisions, how you deal with this relationship dilemma is bound to affect your future and your happiness. Take all the time you need and remember to, above all else, listen to your heart.

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