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Reasons Why Asian Women Date Foreign Men

Very much like the Russian women in the online dating industry, men have become more interested to meet Asian women either for  a relationship or for marriage. Interestingly enough, the desire to meet these Asian angels has at least tripled in the past few years and guess what… Asian women date and they are just loving the attention. Asian women from different parts of the continent have gotten their feet swept off by foreign men from all over the world. Why not if love was found for both parties, right?

There are several reasons why foreigners go for Asian women but for today’s article, let’s talk about the same topic but let’s switch the subjects: Why do Asian women date foreign men? To satisfy your curiosity, we’ve compiled the main answers in a list:

Why do Asian Women Date Foreign Men?

  • Asian women date foreign men because they’re new and different. The truth is, not all Asian women are like the culture that they were born in. They do not totally dislike it but there are some aspects (or norms) that they preferred did not existed. Something or someone that’s worlds different from what they are used to is a breath of fresh air for them. They’ll be able to learn (or adopt) a totally different culture when they are in a relationship with a foreigner.
    • Asian women also think that foreign men are more romantic and full of emotions compared to the men in Asia. Call this a standard image they have of foreigners but it is true that a foreign man can talk an Asian girl into having dinner with him anytime.
    • Foreigners are also more accepting compared with men in Asia. Because of the strict cultural norms, an Asian divorcee, for example, might have trouble finding love again.
  • Asian women date foreign men because they feel like foreign men can give them stability. Now don’t take this the wrong way because this is merely part of the Asian culture. In some cases, before an Asian couple enters into a relationship, they might be bringing into other values that are greater than love – duty and stability. This both in the financial and emotional area. Why do you think that there has been so many arranged marriages in Asia both in the past and present?
    • Another reason that’s similar to this one is that foreign men are symbols of status in an Asian society. It will be tricky to spot an Asian female with this purpose but they are out there and they are the ones that you need to avoid at all costs.
  • Asian women date foreign men because they’ve had easier access to them. Let’s thank the internet for this one! There are a lot of reasons why most people online date and one of those would be convenience and accessibility. It’s the same with how Asian women view dating foreigners online. They’ve gotten easy access to a data base of foreign men who are looking for the same thing as they are – love. In the past, the only way for an Asian woman to date a foreigner is if he becomes an expat and lives in her country or if he visits her country at a certain time period and they happen to cross paths. Now, there’s no need for that with online dating websites.

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We hope that this mini-list of ours has opened your mind into understanding the reasons why an Asian woman would date a foreign man. We’ve included both the bad and the good for you so your perspective is balanced. To get more tips into Asian dating, meeting Asian women online and general online dating tips, visit us again soon!