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Reasons to Date a Woman from Asia

Much like the differing cultures of the East and the West, women from opposite sides of the world differ in qualities that make them desirable in their own special way. There are always perks to dating women from a certain part of the globe, but for today, we will focus on the desirable qualities of a woman from Asia.

You Should Date A Woman from Asia, Here’s Why

Asian women are cultured and well-bred.

Traditionally, a woman from Asia would have been brought up with a set of values which imbue her with finesse, etiquette and a feminine air. This is to attract a man from a good family thus making a good match. Despite the advances of the modern day, Asian households still maintain their cultured upbringing. Because of this, ladies from the east behave well and have a great sense of etiquette. There are subtle differences with the country they are from, though generally, a woman from Asia can be very sweet, feminine and well mannered. These women are also strong and highly educated. They can hold their own in the corporate ladder and be as good as any man. But still, women in Asia tend to lean more towards the feminine role. They love taking care of their family, not because they are expected to by culture, but because they themselves value the role of a wife and a mother.

Asian women have great physiques and timeless looks.

All Asians get tired of hearing questions on how they stay skinny despite eating carbs (rice and noodles, etc) most of the time. The secret lies in Asian metabolism. Most Asians are born with fast metabolisms that allow them to burn those extra calories they ingest. Also, they are relatively active people who are usually on the go (walking, running, exercising). This helps maintain their metabolisms as they are. Plus, the food they eat, though laden with carbs, are usually low fat. They like eating vegetables and fish thus balancing out the carbs. They also like eating fermented food which can do wonders for your metabolism and skin.

Another noticeable physical feature women from Asia have is their timeless look. Ever wondered why these women seem to look years, if not decades, younger than they actually are? This is actually a trait shared by most women from Asia. This is going to be a plus since your potential life partner will actually look youthful even in old age.

Asian women are committed.

Asian culture, in general, value family highly. This is not only true for women but for everyone in the household. In Asia, aging parents are usually taken care of at home and will live with the family of one of their children to their dying day. This is because family is one’s treasure. A woman from Asia will have this quality deeply ingrained in her being. She will take care of her husband and her family to the best of her ability. And with this comes her loyalty. She is committed to her husband provided she is treated with love and respect. Despite an Asian woman’s family oriented trait, she will not stand for abuse nor for infidelity. Treat her with the love and respect she deserves and you will be rewarded with her lifetime commitment to you and your family.