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The Reason Why You Want To Kiss Your Date

Here’s a familiar scenario: you meet someone online or offline. You chat or talk for a while, then you go on a date. Something in your sparks and you realize that you are really into this person. Before the night ends, you lean in to kiss your date. Let’s stop there. Kissing has always felt natural for us humans (some animals do it too), but have you ever wondered why we kiss?

The Theory Behind Wanting To Kiss Your Date

Everyone considers kissing as a sign of love, passion or adoration. Our parents kissed us when we were still babies, we kissed them back on the cheeks as we grew older. We kiss our friends to show them how much we care, and romantically, we kiss our partners because we love them or we are attracted to them. It’s something that has always come naturally for us, but is it really just instinct?

Reasons Why We Kiss

Scientists say that kissing is instinctive. We do it because it feels good. We have plenty of sensitive nerves on our lips that make the sensation pleasant.

In the animal kingdom, it has also been observed that some primate kiss to comfort each other. The Bonobo primates, for example, have been observed to kiss right after a fight. It’s very similar to how we go about kissing.

Another reason why we might be tempted to kiss our date is that of biology. Scientists say that by kissing, women can take a good sniff of their potential partner. Research has proven that if a lady likes the scent (or musk) a man emits, she would consider him a good match. Scientists also say that women consider some men to be bad kissers because their scent or musk is not desirable.

Of course, these are just studies and are, in no way, conclusive, but this is pretty interesting stuff. No matter what the fundamental reason is behind your desire to kiss your date, it’s evident that the act is rooted from love.

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