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Questions you Should Never ask Asian Girls Online

While chatting with Asian girls online, you can talk about a slew of topics. For example, you can ask about their hobbies, their daily life, what they do on a weekend, what their job is or how they spend time with their families. These topics are all very acceptable by general standards and they are considered “safe“. There are, however, certain topics or certain questions that are considered absolutely rude and must not be asked nor discussed when chatting with Asian women online.

Questions Asian Girls Online Don’t Want To Answer

Directly asking about their age

We’ve already mentioned this in part 1 of our post but we recently found out that other Asian women are not at all offended when someone asks of their age in the midst of a conversation. There are conditions, however. If you blatantly ask: “How old are you?”, that would be something offensive. But, if you ask a few questions that would eventually lead up to them telling their age, then it’s fine.

Marital/Relationship Status

Questions like, “Why aren’t you married yet?” or “Why don’t you have  boyfriend yet?” should not be asked. In some Asian cultures, especially Japanese and Korean, women tend to get married at a later age because they, first, focus on their careers. The men from those cultures are actually doing the same thing.

If you ask of the 2 questions we mentioned earlier (or questions that have a similar meaning), the Asian beauty your chatting with may feel criticized.

Race (and/or Location)

Seems like a harmless enough topic to talk about right? Wrong. If you asked Asian women online what type of Asian they are then that’s just rude, period. If you asked someone where they are from then that could be alright depending on how you asked it. If you ask it right away, like “So, where are you from pretty lady?”, it will not sound good. Again, if you were talking about something that leads up to her telling you where she’s from, like “Where did you grow up in?”, then that’s totally fine.

Do you understand?

“Can you speak English?” is also pretty offensive. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”, is another example of a pretty offensive question to an Asian woman. It’s true that some women haven’t had the privilege of studying and practicing English but don’t assume that all women in Asia don’t understand what you’re saying. There are a lot of women in Asia that are highly educated, you know.

Ni Hao?

Possibly the cheesiest and most awkward “pick-up line” yet. “Ni Hao?”, is Chinese for “How are you?” or “How’s it going?”. While this may totally be non-offensive to Chinese women, you shouldn’t generalize all Asian women to be Chinese. Get the point? So, basically, what we’re saying is for you to stay away from any greetings translated into an Asian woman’s mother tongue. Skip it, just to be safe.

Make an honest assessment.

You may be donning your cocky, overly confident attitude when chatting with Asian women online but we’re here to tell you that it isn’t working and it will never work for you. Stop “hitting” on them for one and be more careful with your words. If you show respect and sincerity, the Asian girlfriend you’ve been waiting for will show up soon enough.

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