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Questions that Will Break the Ice When dating a woman from Philippines

You have to be good at conversations when you’re dating a woman from Philippines. It’s not as hard as you think and breaking the ice may be as easy as asking a question about her culture, about her favorite food or even about her favorite Filipino pastime. Alas, despite the ease of asking a question, there will always be people who find it difficult to even respond to a “Hi” – this means you.

If you’d really like to talk to a Filipina but don’t have the necessary conversational skills or insight into her culture, this is the right place to start. We have a few suggestions that can definitely help in this department:

Question #1: What do you like to do for fun?

Let’s start with a common question. We like this ice breaking question because you can always follow it up with the things that you like to do. You can also pick out one detail from her answer and share a related personal experience. You can do a lot with this question which makes it safe enough to ask.

Question #2: What dish can you cook very well?

Presuming that she knows how to cook , a question like this can even allow you to learn a thing or two about her culture. When she answers, “Adobo” (chicken or pork dish with vinegar and soy sauce), for example, you can then ask what the dish exactly is, how it is prepared, what her secret ingredient is and if she’s OK with you tasting her adobo when you come to visit. Dating a Filipina means that you’re going to eat a lot of Filipino food anyway so the question is very appropriate.

Question #3: What songs do you listen to?

Here’s a good question that can potentially land you a date. You’ll know this when you’re dating a woman from Philippines or have dated one in the past: Filipinas love music and they love to sing. Let’s say she answers a Katy Perry song, you can then say that it would be great if you can go out some time to a karaoke bar or to a private karaoke room to sing the night away with her favorite songs by Katy Perry.

Question #4: Do you watch GoT?

If there’s one thing you need to know about dating a woman from Philippines, it’s this: Filipinas have some sort of thing that they geek out on. A good example is GoT (Game of Thrones). Another good one is Korean dramas. You can also ask about Japanese anime as it is also pretty popular. Just make sure that the question is age appropriate and that you actually know something about the subject matter.

Question #5: Tell me about your city.

Filipinas are very proud – proud about their culture and proud about their nation. There are numerous natural destinations in every city that your Filipina beauty can brag about so why not ask her about it? The possibility is that you and her can visit the spot when you visit her in her city. Win-win, right?

Final Reminders About Ice Breaking and Dating a Woman From Philippines

It’s very awkward if you just blurt out these questions at random. Make sure that you introduce one or two of the questions into the conversation as naturally as possible. It may take time to practice this skill (yes, it is a skill) but it will pay off when you’ve snagged a Filipina hottie that you plan to spend the rest of your life with.