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Frequently Asked Questions About Casual Relationships

There are people online who are looking for a serious relationship. However, because online dating and app dating have such wide reaches, it’s not impossible to come across people who are looking for more casual relationships.

Everything You Need To Know About Casual Relationships

Casual relationships or casual dating happens when two people agree to not take things seriously. They may be together for companionship. They may also be together for the sake of physical intimacy. Whatever the goal of the relationship is, both parties understand that it is something temporary. That’s why it was labeled as “casual”.

Although this type of relationship is a common set up, there are those who still do it the wrong way. If you’re looking into dating casually, this is what you need to know:

1. Should I tell the other person about dating other people?

Yes, definitely. You may be hesitant to say something for the fear of getting shut down. However, when the person you’re talking to also wants a casual set-up, then it will be no problem. If you lie at the beginning, then it will surely end in disaster.

2. Is it alright to talk to other people while I’m with someone I am dating?

Let’s paint a scenario. Let’s say you’re with the person you’re seeing and someone catches your attention. In some cases, there are people who don’t mind at all. However, there are others that would be insulted. To be on the safe side, when you are with the person you’re in a casual relationship with, try to focus all of your attention on him or her.

3. How often should we chat or see each other when things are casual?

It is understood that casual relationships should be less maintenance. It will totally depend on the two people involved, but remember that you don’t have to┬áinvest a lot of time and effort. As a rule of thumb, once or twice a week would be ok.

Casual dating can be healthy if you think that it is the right situation for you. There are cases where you may fall in love deeper with the person you’re seeing. If this happens, make sure to tell him or her. You’ll never know if the person is feeling the same way unless you say something. For more tips about online dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.