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Most Frequent Questions About Asian Women Answered

Are you planning to date Asian women but aren’t sure about answers to a few questions you’ve been wanting to ask? You came to the right place because we’ve compiled 5 answers to 5 common questions that most men have about Asian women. After this, you’ll hopefully take that step forward into signing up to a reliable dating site and searching for the Asian woman you’ve been meeting in your dreams.

All Of The Questions About Asian Woman You Wanted To Know The Answers To

Question #1: Do we view dating the same way?

Good question. The answer is both a yes and a no. Yes if the Asian woman comes from a non-traditional familial background: for example, if an Asian woman grew up in the U.S, she’s most likely to have the same perspective on dating. No if the Asian woman comes from a traditional familial background: if a woman has spent her whole life living out her culture with little to no influences from the culture in the West, she will have a very different view on dating as you. The main goal of which would be to see if you are a suitable match for her for marriage.

Question #2: What part will her parents play in our relationship?

You’ve probably heard that Asian women are very close to their family and it is true. Family may not be a top priority for some Western women but for Asian women it’s absolutely necessary to include their family in their top 3 life priorities. So unto answering the question of familial influence in relationships: her parents will have firm opinions and she will consider them greatly. This is why you also need to court the family and not just the Asian lady. You need to make a great impression.

Question #3: Is it true that women in Asia are not educated?

Big FALSE. The truth is, there are women in Asia who have not had good privileges in life. On the other hand, there are also a lot of women who have gotten such privileges – master’s and bachelor’s degree holders, well-off families and etc. Probably, Asian women are viewed as such not because of their educational level but because of their misunderstood cultural practices which may seem barbaric to most. This, however, doesn’t mean that she cannot carry on an intelligent conversation nor speak basic English.

Question #4:  What common traits do all Asian women have?

Granted that women are very complex, not all Asian women are the same but they do have common, particular traits:

Family is important – Like what we mentioned on answer #2, their family’s (or parents’) opinion will have a weight in their decision making.

Defined gender roles – No matter how modern Asia is getting, female gender roles are still very defined. Women may have their own careers but they’re still expected to do womanly duties (not all of them, of course, but some) like housework, taking care of children, taking care of the household and etc.

Taking pride in beauty – Ever wonder why some beauty products say: this is “The Asian Secret”? Well that’s because women in Asia take pride in beauty and they use all sorts of lotions, creams and soaps to make them look good. The ironic thing is, most Asian women don’t really exercise that much but they still look great because they eat right and they like to pamper themselves with various beauty products.

Question #5: Why do Asian women want a foreign boyfriend?

There are 2 possible answers to this question:

1. They have practical reasons. – It is true that some Asian women aim to date a foreigner because they want to do things they’re unable to do themselves like travel, get a house, gain a different lifestyle. This is NOT the Asian woman you’d want to bring home to mom.

2. They want the love they see in movies. – Asian women have this notion that foreign men are more romantic. Asian men, most of the time, lack emotions or passion when in a relationship.

Off You Go

So there you have it, our answers to questions you’ve been wanting to ask about Asian women. Now you can take that step further and sign up to the dating site you’ve been eyeing.

Check back soon for more Asian dating tips and online dating tips.