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These Ladies Promise To Be More Adventurous In 2019

How do you think you did, in terms of dating, in 2018? Do you think you did well? Or, do you think that you needed to step your game up? The ladies we have on this week’s list know that they should have done the latter. So, this year, they promised themselves that they will be more adventurous in 2019.

Being Adventurous In 2019 Is About Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone

This year, experts say that it is best to date outside the box. Don’t just stick to meeting the same types of people. These Asian Date ladies are definitely taking heed. Each one of them wants to be more adventurous in 2019 in the following ways:


Rui34 - Asian Date Lady

For Rui, being adventurous means that she try activities that she has never tried before. According to her, it will certainly attract adventurers out there. She is excited to make this change because she knows that it will add more “spice” into her life.


Kailian36 - Asian Date Lady

Kailian says that one of her worst habits when dating is that she goes for someone who is very similar to her. This year, she wants to meet someone exciting and someone different. How exciting and different? Well, maybe it’s time you ask her.


Yun21 - Asian Date Lady

Yun has always given time to her job. Although she was open to meeting new people, she never gave her dating life enough time. This 2019, she is willing to free up some space on her busy schedule to really be intentional about meeting people.


RouNan22 - Asian Date Lady

Rounan doesn’t think that she can go on another trip if she doesn’t have her special someone with her. It’s time for her to settle down, she says. She’s not ready to give up her active lifestyle and traveling, but she does want to find the right person for her.


QiMeng21 - Asian Date Lady

Lastly, we have Qimeng on the list who has devoted most of her time to maintaining her health and figure. Of course, she doesn’t see anything wrong with this. But, she would like to meet someone who is willing to see past her beauty and get to know her as a person.

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