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How To Prevent Dating Miscommunication From Happening

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in a relationship. Communicating with your partner is hard because most of us have not learned how to master the art of talking and listening. Often times, dating miscommunication happens and we have no clue how to prevent it from occurring again in the near future.

Stop Dating Miscommunication From Happening Repeatedly

Do you know where our dating miscommunication spurs from? It starts with ourselves. In most cases, if our partner says this, we interpret it as that. If the person we’re chatting with doesn’t reply right away, we feel like they may not be as into us as we thought. We need to start with our perspective on things. Remember the following the prevent dating miscommunication:

1. Not all people have the same relationship with their phone or computer.

Just because we’re the type of person who checks our phone every 10mins, it doesn’t mean that our online date is the same. If you sent a message, and your online date or your loved one hasn’t replied yet, don’t assume anything negative. They might just be busy.

2. Unaffectionate Texts/Chats

It’s hard putting a tone on a text or chat that people send. Because they are texts/chat messages, the way you think they are said may not be accurate. If you feel like a person isn’t being too affectionate, don’t think anything of it especially when you know that the person you’re talking to is not the kind who shows off affection easily.

3. Always Ask

Whether you are contacting your loved one online, through an app, or face to face, it’s always an advantage to ask. If you’re not clear about something, don’t just come up with the answer on your own, basing it on your presumptions. Ask so you can get a straightforward answer.

4. Never play games.

Probably ladies are the most guilty of this – saying no when they actually mean yes. You should always say what you mean and mean what you say.

You never want to cause a rift in your relationship because of a dating miscommunication. Do something about it by learning how to talk and listen effectively for the improvement of your relationship. For more tips similar to this, check other posts on the blog.