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Pretty Asian Girls Who Can Cook Their Way To Your Heart

Have you ever heard of the saying, “a way to man’s heart is through his stomach?” You probably have numerous times. The gorgeous Asian Girls on this week’s list may or may not believe in this saying, but each of them can surely whip up a nice meal.

Asian Girls With A Talent In The Kitchen

You don’t have to worry about eating out or cooking for any of these ladies because they’ve made a hobby out of cooking. They may even whip you up something new every week. If you’re a foodie, get ready to fall in love.



Are you craving for some Chinese food and some cupcakes? These are  Lishi’s specialty. She bakes cupcakes during her spare time but can cook delicious Chinese dishes any day of the week. Currently, she’s exploring Western cuisine. Would you like to share a few recipes with her?



This natural beauty describes herself as honest, independent and loving. She would love to meet a gentleman who is similar in personality and values as her. Take note that one of her hobbies is cooking. You need to bring your appetite when you’re visiting her.



Do you know the type of guy YinYin is looking for? She wants to meet a gentleman who she can share her passion with and who will enjoy her own version of romanticism. YinYin is more of a stay at home kind of girl. She likes to cook and watch TV. She aims for a simple kind of life with the man she loves.



Ruijin is fond of doing a lot of things. Her current hobbies include cooking, camping and doing yoga. So, when planning for your date, maybe you can combine everything she loves doing like camping, cooking campfire food and then doing yoga on the camping grounds.



We can’t end this list without including Xinyi. She describes herself as passionate, sexy and naughty. She’s probably the same in the kitchen when she’s cooking Chinese and Western food. Could her food be too spicy? You should ask her yourself.

Who do you think is the best or most beautiful cook among the Asian Date ladies on this list? Asian Date hopes that you’ve enjoyed this week’s list of top Asian girls! If you need more Asian girls list, you need to wait until next week. Check our other posts on our blog for the man time.