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Practical Ways To Improve Your Flirting Online

Let’s admit to the fact that not everyone is a natural at flirting. Even if you meet a woman online here, whom you are so attracted to, you’ll have a hard time flirting if you’re social skills are not on point. So, how can one develop or improve their skill of flirting online?

You Have To Be Comfortable With Yourself When Flirting Online

You have to accept that there’s a certain level of confidence you’ll need if you want to flirt online effectively. The first thing that you need to work on is feeling comfortable in your own skin. You can do this by exercising, getting a makeover, or accomplishing a task. Once you feel good about yourself, try these techniques when flirting online:

1. Cliche Compliments Are Out

“You’re beautiful” or “You have beautiful eyes” are not compliments that you’d want to go for. They’re pretty standard and common. It’s also likely that you’re date has already heard these before. Try something uncommon. For example, you can compliment your date’s attitude or artisticness.

2. Try Metaphors But In Moderation

Lines with metaphors and similes are great when flirting online. Practical examples include: “You’re like the sunshine. My day’s brighter when I chat with you.” Just remember to use similes and metaphors moderately. Don’t use them in every line you send, or else you’re going to sound cheesy and insincere.

3. Don’t Reveal Too Much Too Soon

A sense of mystery is always good. Take it slow. Don’t share everything about yourself too much early on. Allow your date to get that information out of you when you talk or do a video call. Also, try to not to make the conversation one-sided. As your date asks you a question, ask a relevant question back to keep the conversation rolling.

Of course, the more practice you have, the better you will get. If you apply the tips above, don’t expect to become an expert right away. Be patient. Keep working on yourself and your confidence to improve your flirting skills. For more online dating tips and updates, read other posts on the blog.